Reimagining Talent Development

Being a leader means generating the future by design. Such creative disruption requires mastery of a radically new kind of understanding that measures up to today’s complex digital world.
It is now essential to become a genuine 21st Century Expert with sophistication across three interconnected types of intelligence:

Intellectual Intelligence

Reasoning, problem solving, decision-making, critical analysis, creative synthesis

Emotional Intelligence

Recognizing and regulating emotion in self and others. Presuasion and persuasion.

Design Intelligence

Generating systems, methods and tools that are life-centered and integrity-driven.

Ultra High Performance as Smooth as SILK

At 21st Century Expert, we educate you to unlock your potential as a leader by focusing rigorously on three pillars fundamental to the generation of breakthrough insights and decisive action.
This tested and proven approach is called SILK.


Dynamic network thinking for exploring systems—their structures, constraints, and possibilities.


Inquiry Listening

Becoming fully present and invoking dauntless curiosity for insight, appreciation and connection.


Being rigorous, whole and complete to develop deep understanding for confident action.

Do you understand complex systems?

What's the difference between complicated and complex? Watch this 21CE video to better appreciate complexity, non-linearity, dynamic networks, self-organization and adaptation.

Take Your Success To The Next Level Now

  • Become a genuine 21st Century Expert through a unique, blended learning program tailored just for you.
  • Explore key insights of Complex Systems, Cognitive Science and Continental Philosophy.
  • Discover a rapid technology for personal and professional transformation called SWIFT.

Practices Mastered in 21st Century Expert

Our action-research team at KnowledgePassion, Inc., has designed and developed world-class executive programs demystifying advanced topics essential for your accelerated success as a leading expert in the 21st century.
These programs are available in a blended-learning format combining the best of 24/7 online courses and private webinars augmented with live group workshops.


How to be a leader that compels ultra high performance. 


How to disrupt the disruptors quickly and decisively. 


How to have your proposals bought the first time.


How to generate next level breakthrough results.

Your Personal Learning Catalyst

Milo is known internationally as an innovator, educator, keynote speaker, and master coach in the fields of Leadership Reinvention and Organizational Transformation.  His acclaimed executive programs on ultra high performance learning and creating breakthrough results have been presented worldwide.  A Fellow of the World Business Academy, Milo founded and served three times as the Academic Director of the annual Stanford Leadership Academy as well as being a core faculty member of Stanford’s Program on Managing Innovation.

21st Century Expert features his SILK learning framework and revolutionary SWIFT® method for strategic insight, innovative problem solving, and breakthrough creativity.

"I have experienced the transformational power of Milo's work both in myself and in the teams I have put through his programs. In my 25+ years in business I have never seen a leadership program or core skill development that comes close to matching the effectiveness of this work. The impact has been in the 10's of millions of dollars. "

Jim Donovan
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Panasas Inc.

"Milo is the master of executive leadership development and organizational scaling. He played a big role in my breakthrough as a business owner, leader and a human being and has done the same for countless others in my organization.  He supported our growth from $50M to nearly $100M in annual revenue over the last five years, and his coaching gems and truly unique style and approach echo in my head, even when he's not around, helping me as we scale to the next major milestone."

Jim Weiss
Founder & CEO, W2O Group

"The SWIFT concepts are bold and innovative. As an experienced CEO, Milo’s executive coaching enriched my values, integrity and critical thinking skills in leading a large complex organization."

Dick Pettingill
CEO (ret) Allina Health System & Kaiser Permanente, CA

"I had the profound fortune of taking Milo's Leadership Class at Stanford early in my career before moving on to senior level roles at Bayer and Genentech where Milo became my executive coach - which he does like no other. He is strategic, insightful and has the amazing skill of being able to draw the best out of you that you didn't even know was in you! Not only I benefitted, but my entire team excelled and performed at the highest level. From navigating us through creating the strategic plan to preparing compelling BOD and C-Suite presentations that resulted in not only approval, but increased budget and staff, plus helped us identify new projects and programs that benefitted the entire organization. The entire experience was amazing. I highly recommend Milo and KnowledgePassion and have referred him to other colleagues who have experienced the same phenomenal results."

Mary Stutts
Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Health Equity Officer, Stanford Health Care

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