Systems & Strategies for SWIFT Success

Augmented with Artificial Intelligence


Systems & Strategies for SWIFT Success

Augmented with Artificial Intelligence


Systems & Strategies for SWIFT Success

Augmented with Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, Human Creativity

Recognized Authority

Be seen and admired as a leading expert in your field, setting the bar for excellence and achievement.

Thought Leader

Inform, inspire and innovate with breakthrough ideas, novel views and proven, cutting-edge practices.

Design Architect

Generate systems and build online businesses designed for sustained sales growth and record profits.

IQ + EQ + DQ + AI

To enter and stay in the online winner’s circle today, you must be recognized as a respected authority whose excellence, expertise and experience are widely visible, both online and offline.

Being a genuine expert in the 21st century involves an intricate blend of sophisticated knowledge, cutting-edge practice and on-going advanced education — all occurring in an ever-expanding digital universe of unlimited opportunity newly opened by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It is now vital to integrate both EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and DQ (Design Intelligence) with your raw IQ ...PLUS deploy the new tools of AI (Artificial Intelligence)



About Us

At 21CE, we partner with ambitious subject matter experts to

capture their knowledge, passion, and experience in

digital format for online distribution and sale.

If you are struggling with any aspect of content development or digital marketing,

we show how to dynamite the logjams stopping your online success.


Consulting & Coaching Services


Growth Strategy

Bewildered why your cool, new product or service is gaining no traction in the marketplace? The missing component for many online entrepreneurs is STRATEGY. No amount of trial and error with endless tools, techniques, tips and tricks can substitute for a serious, planned approach to growing your business and dominating your competition.


Digital Marketing

Not 100% clear on the vital distinction and interplay of marketing and sales? Precious few online entrepreneurs appreciate the sophisticated power of strategic marketing integrated with savvy, tactical sales approaches. Those who do see outsized returns in record time.


Sales Performance

Sick and tired of killing yourself, burning through your investment capital and seeing only mediocre sales? Poor financial results are a sure indicator of impending business failure if not addressed decisively at the very source of traffic, conversion, retention and repeat buying.

What our clients say

I have experienced the transformational power of Milo's work both in myself and in the teams I have put through his programs. In my 25+ years in business I have never seen a leadership program or core skill development that comes close to matching the effectiveness of this work. The impact has been in the 10's of millions of dollars.

Jim Donovan

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer | Panasas Inc 

What our clients say

Milo is the master of executive leadership development and organizational scaling. He played a big role in my breakthrough as a business owner, leader and a human being and has done the same for countless others in my organization. He supported our growth from $50M to nearly $100M in annual revenue over the last five years, and his coaching gems and truly unique style and approach echo in my head, even when he's not around, helping me as we scale to the next major milestone.

Jim Weiss

Founder & CEO | W2O Group 

What our clients say

The SWIFT concepts are bold and innovative. As an experienced CEO, Milo's executive coaching enriched my values, integrity and critical thinking skills in leading a large complex organization.

Dick Pettingill

CEO (ret) | Allina Health System & Kaiser Permanente, CA 

What our clients say

I had the profound fortune of taking Milo's Leadership Class at Stanford early in my career before moving on to senior level roles at Bayer and Genentech where Milo became my executive coach - which he does like no other. He is strategic, insightful and has the amazing skill of being able to draw the best out of you that you didn't even know was in you! Not only I benefitted, but my entire team excelled and performed at the highest level. From navigating us through creating the strategic plan to preparing compelling BOD and C-Suite presentations that resulted in not only approval, but increased budget and staff, plus helped us identify new projects and programs that benefitted the entire organization. The entire experience was amazing. I highly recommend Milo and KnowledgePassion and have referred him to other colleagues who have experienced the same phenomenal results.

Mary Stutts

Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Health Equity Officer | Stanford Health Care 



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